Restaurant AT Belgrade Waterfront

Buddha Bar Belgrade

as seen in Dubai, Monte-carlo, PRAGUE...

From Paris to Belgrade

Buddha-Bar restaurant arrives in Belgrade 23 years after the first bar opened its doors in Paris. We are welcoming you to a unique blend of eastern and western civilizations, at a new chic spot in the Serbian capital – Belgrade Waterfront promenade on the Sava river…

A Fusion of Eastern and Western Civilization

Fresh Products

A unique mix of Pan-Asian, European, and Californian influences to Belgrade

Skilled Chefs

For each dish, the growth of every element & the selection


Unique blend of eastern and western civilizations.


The Pacific Rim menu in Buddha-Bar Belgrade features a creative mix of Pan-Asian, European, and Californian influences, and expands it with a special Serbian twist. From signature delights such as beef tartare and the best mashed potato in Paris, all the way to unique specialities such as thinly sliced Brittany artichokes with truffles.

  • "Family style" menu 4300 rsd
  • New York strip steak 8400 rsd
  • Tuna tartare 3490 rsd
  • Buddha-bar chicken salad 1250 rsd
  • Fried calamari 1550 rsd
  • Shitake mushrooms 950 rsd
  • Shrimp tartar 1900rsd

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For any additional information contact us:
or you can call us: 011 4125 601


Buddha Bar as a concept was carefully designed as a place for preparing corporate events, team building, presentations, meetings. From music that is designed identically for all our franchises with renowned DJs, to a fun course for preparing Sushi specialties or a workshop for preparing extravagant cocktails, these are all unique contents for your team building that will be remembered!

Team of Restaurant

Meet Our Professionals

Dražen Papić


Hector Alday

sushi chef

DJ Mudra


Magic of the Night

Be prepared for June


Valentine’s Day at Buddha Bar

Come and celebrate Valentine’s Day at Buddha Bar! We have prepared a special experience for you with a performance by a saxophonist and DJ starting

Buddha-Bar Specials, 11 September, Monday

Indulge in a culinary revelation at Buddha Bar with our latest off-menu creations, Starting September 11th. BUDDHA BAR SPECIALS “Foie gras” with apple purre,brioche and

Abba Tribute Band Koncert

Pridružite nam se u petak, 25. Avgusta 2023. sa početkom u 21:00 časova na nezaboravnoj večeri u Buddha Baru na Savskoj promenadi. Uživajte u najboljim hitovima naših najboljih

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