The Buddha is here!

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Belgrade has joined a selected company of London, Abu Dhabi, Paris, Marrakech, Prague, and other global metropoles, that can boast with having a Buddha-Bar restaurant in it. A high-class restaurant that creatively melded a specific musical expression, exquisite Asian cuisine, and unique cocktails.

We are glad that guests around the world connect quality, modern lifestyle and exclusivity with the Buddha-Bar name. In Belgrade, we add to that a unique location, in the new city melting pot – Sava Promenade!

The interior and the exterior of the restaurant has been designed by experts from Paris, which is, by the way, the location of the first Buddha-Bar restaurant in the world. Since then until Buddha-Bar Beograd, design was continually improved, and the quality of the offering and service grew non-stop to a new, higher level.

A joy for all senses

Our guests will be accompanied by fabulous music that changes and adapts during the day – it is slower during the mornings, for lunch and dinner time it becomes a bit more energetic, and during the night it is hot and wild. In our own shop you can also buy world-famous Buddha-Bar music.

Your taste buds will enjoy exquisite salty and sweet, cold and warm bites prepared by chefs with worldwide experience. And that will be enriched by scents from a wide choice of various Asian spices, some of which have not been available to restaurant guests in the Serbian capital.

You will not remain indifferent to the feeling of using our refined dining cutlery and glasses filled with our exotic cocktails you can taste only in Buddha-Bar restaurants.

And your sight will be dazzled by the interior design we carefully crafted. Colors and patterns were chosen to make you feel like you are in Asia. Details from China, Japan, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines will make sure you do. Your experience while eating at Buddha-Bar Beograd will be completed by a monumental, 5-meter tall, golden Buddha statue that radiates with good energy and protects from city rush while you enjoy everything we prepared for you.

Unique location

Buddha-Bar restaurants have always found their place in city epicenters and attractive locations. The original, Paris restaurant is located right beside the French government on the Elysian Fields, Buddha-Bar Dubai is right there in the famous Marina, and Monte Carlo restaurant shares its location with the world-famous Casino Monte Carlo…

Looking for the perfect location for Buddha-Bar Beograd we found it in Belgrade Waterfront – a new city center on the Sava river, where our neighbors will soon be Belgrade Tower, BW Galerija and W Belgrade… This guarantees, that even if you visited a Buddha-Bar restaurant in other countries, you did not have an experience you will have when you visit us. With over 1,200 square meters and outdoor seating on the Sava Promenade, you will experience our offering and the city of Belgrade in a completely new, unique way.

And just so you can visit us without worries – there are more than enough parking spots within walking distance of our front doors!

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