Welcome New Year in the Buddha’s shadow

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New Year eve is coming. Are you ready for the most exclusive New Year’s party ever? Buddha-Bar Beograd will take you on an exoctic journey that will wake up all your senses.

To enjoy the fabulous Buddha-Bar Beograd ambience choose out of two of our irresistable offers.

Our resident DJ – DJ Mada and a surprise guest will be create an atmosphere you will remember.

Choose an ideal setting for you and welcome 2020 in style!

Gala Dinner

Price for the Gala Dinner is 14,000 dinars, and it includes:
– Unagi tempura rolls
– Manog & foie gras rolls
– Surf & turf vegetarian rolss
– Mango and papaya salad
– Foie gras
– Curry brioche Buddha-Bar Salad
Main courses
– Seared tuna
– Pumpkin curry with vegetables
– Steak / mirin foie gras sauce
– Black cod
– Bajadera with pralines and sesame
– Miso cream with kumquat jam
– Welcome cocktail
– 1 wine bottle chosen by restaurant (per person)
– 1 glass of bubbly wine at Midnight

Lounge Style Dinner

Price for lounge style dinner is 9,500 dinars, and it includes:
– Beef taco
– Tuna taco
– Squids
– Gyoza
– Asian rolls / green spinach curry
– Asian toast bread
– Bajadera with pralines and sesame
– Welcome cocktail
– Water
– 1 bottle of wine chosen by the restaurant (for 2 persons)
– 1 glass of bubbly wine at Midnight

For all additional information and questions please call us by phone at +381 11 4125 601.

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