Buddha-Bar Beograd



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Buddha-Bar experience can not be imagined without its signature music. A subtle, captivating mixture of electo-ethnic rhytims and tribal sounds, played live by a resident DJ. It creates a perfect harmony with the restaurant’s decor, fills the room with unique atmosphere, and enchants Buddha-Bar restaurant guests leaving them with a craving to come back for more...

The father

of Buddha-Bar music

For Ravin, life is music. His worldwide search to seek out melodies, unknown sensations and ignored talents are part of his everyday life. This musical quest is, above all, full of curiosity and passion. Whole worlds in a handful of beats. Sounds touching on spirituality. Rhythms transcending cultures. Harmonies of the East melting into western breezes. Tracks telling their private stories. Ravin delays the passing day. Slows down the Earth's rotation. He quietly asks you to accompany him on his lifelong musical journey.

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Resident DJ

DJ Mada

After conquering prestigious Egyptian seaside venues, DJ Mada established himself by performing at world famous Cinetrip spa party series, vibrant MayDay gigs, as well as renowned Sziget Festival. For several years he was the resident DJ at Buddha-Bar Budapest, and performed at various Buddha-Bar locations around the world. Becoming resident DJ at Buddha-Bar Beograd is the next step in the career of this talented DJ...